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¿About us?

Committed to our clients and our lands 

We are a company that promotes the ecological and responsible production of organic, natural and artisan products and foods, focused on the care of being and the environment, forging a value chain in everything related to health, life and our planet.

MerkaOrgánico offers all its customers a vibrant, unique and memorable experience in all our spaces and sales channels. For this we have the best staff identified with our DNA that serves all those people who are looking for a healthy life, self-care and good taste when choosing their consumer products.



We are an organization that promotes organic and responsible production focused on the care the living beings and the environment, forging a new value of chain for healthy products through different sales channels, including our unique stores, digital media, distribution specialized for retail, final consumer and institutional hotels, restaurants and catering service providers.

Our Goal

By 2030, MerkaOrgánico will be the largest and most complete chain of organic, healthy and sustainable stores in Latin America. Our specialty stores and sales channels will offer a unique, vibrant and memorable life experience.


MerkaOrgánico is based on respect, honesty, loyalty, authenticity and compliance, including all relationships with employees, shareholders, suppliers and customers. The use of sustainble packaging and materials for all our processes are part of our commitment to the care of the environment.

Our Pillars


Organic Products

They are those that are produced by non-polluting techniques, processed and raised using natural methods. Obtaining pesticide-free and healthier foods for consumers, workers and the ecosystem.

Natural Products 

They are those to which no chemical component has been added, products that can come from traditional agriculture but do not have artificial preservatives or dyes, differing from artisanal products since they are manufactured in insdustrialized processes.


Artisan Products 

They are the result of creativity and imagination, embodied in a product, in whose elaboration materials of natural origin have been transformed, with manual processes and techniques.

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